My name is Andrés or Shambo, whichever you prefer ...
	I started practicing Yoga more than 30 years ago. 
	I approached Yoga because of the need to build peace and 
	calm in my life. At that time I had a stressful professional 
	activity, or at least I experienced it that way, and I was 
	not at peace with myself. My body was very rigid and my 
	physical and respiratory resistance were poor.
	Very soon Yoga became something inalienable, a pillar in my 
	life. And something very natural happened, when you start 
	practicing Yoga and you open yourself to transformation: 
	a desire to know more, to deepen in the practice and in you 
	(which is the same thing), is ignited.

	So I began to train, with patience and dedication, first in 
	Hatha Yoga, then in Anusara® Yoga, and my commitment 
	grew so much that I wanted to be able to train other future 

	I feel that the transmission of Yoga is my Dharma. 
	Communicating to others what I have come to understand, 
	accompanying without judgment the personal growth of each 
	student, putting oneself at the service of the beauty and 
	innate goodness of the Universe, is my mission on this plane.
Since 2008, I have
been teaching Hatha 
Yoga. I am currently 
Anusara® Yoga 
Certified Teacher. 
I am continually 
studying and learning 
and practicing daily 
for more than 15 
You can hear my voice and get to know me up close in the "Open Heart" video-interview
at Cal Arana (Canovelles), led by Paola Idini (Anusara Yoga Teacher).

Some other details about me were well reflected in the interview that my good 
friend Patricia did with me.

You can find all the details of my training in my CV below.

Curriculum: Yoga teacher in Sitges and Barcelona. Practitioner since 1988 at the "Carlos Claramunt Institutes" under the inspiration of Nil Hahoutoff. He did the Yoga Teacher Training with Carlos Claramunt for 3 years from 2006 to 2009 and with Cristina Mata the fourth year from 2009 to 2010, including training in Ayurveda dietetics. I did the thesis, presented in 2012, on "Emotional Management through Hatha Yoga". It has been the result of studies based on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the knowledge of energy meridians in the physical body, its relationship with the main organs and associated emotions. Yoga Teacher by the Spanish Association of Yoga Practitioners (AEPY). Intensive seminar in Anusara with John Friend at the BYC in the summer of 2011 in Barcelona. Immersion in Anusara with Gisela Vazquez in 2011-2012, in Madrid, 108 hours in total. Teaching at Anusara with Gisela Vazquez in 2012-2013, in Madrid, 108 hours in total. Meditation Intensive with Danilo Hernandez in Tarifa, in the spring of 2013. Seminar in Madrid in the summer of 2013 on Sridaiva with John Friend and Desi Springer. Therapeutic yoga with Gisela Vazquez in 2013-2014. Second Dive in Anusara with Gisela Vazquez in 2014, in Castelldefels, 108 more hours. The Art of Sequencing with Benita Wolf in 2017. Therapeutic Yoga with Doug Keller in 2018.

Shambo Ioga Anusara School Yoga Alliance Contact:
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