Hatha Yoga, small group classes
I offer yoga classes at various levels in a newly created space in Sitges. 
Here you will learn how to breath, preparing the lungs and the spinal column 
for the practice, activating your internal energy in search of balance, 
flexibility and the toning of the different parts of your body. The goal is 
to achieve both physical and emotional balance through the consciousness 
of the union of mind and body.
Private classes in your home
These classes are tailored to your needs, fully recognizing your 
starting point and providing a personalized prescription to improve 
your quality of life. Passing over ever part of your body through 
Hatha Yoga to achieve regularity in maintaining your physical-emotional 
balance. This practice will help you improve and expand your 
possibilities for happiness.
Anusara Yoga classes in Sitges is the activity of Espai Ioga Shambo. 
The type of Hatha Yoga sessions is Anusara is based on the principles 
universal alignment and relationship of each session with the theme of 
heart associated, depending on the specialty of the session or the top of the same position.